Barrierefreie Magnet-Türdichtungen von AlumatBarrierefreie Magnet-Türdichtungen von AlumatBarrierefreie Magnet-Türdichtungen von Alumat

Product overview

Fear of thresholds is a thing of the past!

Magnetic door seals - completely barrier-free

The magnetic door seals of ALUMAT are easy to install and can be fit into any external or internal door. Whether for new buildings or already existing doors. In hotels, residential homes for the elderly or within one's own four walls. Anywhere where doors need to be sealed and stumbling blocks are out of place. Simply barrier-free.

Of course, ALUMAT also offers standard door profiles and seals for doors and windows.

ALUMAT - ideal solutions for every door

Door thresholds may be stumbling blocks. But there is a way around. ALUMAT is the only manufacturer for completely barrier-free external doors which are driving rainproof up to 100 meters floor-to-floor height. Our magnet system is also available for internal doors. With ALUMAT you make the right choice for barrier-free working and living. The seals protect effectively against draft air and loss of heat, insulate noise and prevent the penetration of rain water, sand, vermin and smoke. Heating costs are reduced significantly.

Magnets make it possible

The principle is simple: The magnet is attached to the lower side of the door, the other magnet is integrated into the ground rail. The ground rail magnet is lifted and perfectly seals the door when the door is closed. When the door is opened, the magnet slides back and gives passage. Completely barrier-free.

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Without barriers you will win new guests, generate more roomnights and increase revenue potentials.

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