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Here you will find helpful information when you plan to order or install ALUMAT products or have already installed ALUMAT products.


How significant is the sealing effect?

The seal is extremely effective. Certificates prove thermal insulation according to DIN 52210, smoke protection according to DIN 18095 and ease-of-use for disabled people according to 18025. Barrier-free living is guaranteed. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of installations already carried out confirm the effectiveness and reliability of the magnetic door seals.

Old and new doors

Can the magnet door seal be used with old and new doors?

Yes, the magnetic seal is suitable for all doors. ALUMAT provides more than 20 different models for any door situation. Hence, the system is ideally suited for renovations.

Installation of the rail

How is the rail attached to the floor?

The magnetic rail can be integrated into the screed for new buildings; for old buildings it can be inserted into the flooring.

Magnet distance

How large can the maximum distance between the magnets be?

ALUMAT recommends a maximum distance of 5 mm between the magnets when installing them. A larger distance physically affects the correct functioning of the magnetic system. Basically, there is no minimum distance, however, a slight distance between the magnets is recommendable.

Properties of the doors

Do all doors have to be shortened in principle?

No, not always. In many cases, the distance between door and flooring is large enough. However, if the distance is too short, shortening the door is inevitable. In many cases, a shim is enough to lift the door.

Level differences

How are level differences between floorings or unevenness of the flooring or the door compensated?

If the flooring from one room to the next has a different level, bending the side rest of the aluminum rails can compensate this. The rail adapts to any flooring level. If the width of the door crack varies due to slanting ground or an uneven door, the magnets, however, close due to their flexibility.


How long does the magnetic system work properly?

Each magnet is a permanent magnet. Hence, the magnetic system is maintenance-free for unlimited time and has a significant edge over mechanically-operated sealing systems. ALUMAT gives a 20-year warranty on the magnetic force of the magnets.

Soiling through sand and dust

Can soiling hamper functioning?

No. Intensive laboratory tests confirm that heavy soiling or sand cannot penetrate between or adhere to the magnetic seal and the ground profile. The closing process of the seal is not affected by any means.

Light accumulation of dust cannot be prevented as a matter of fact. The rail of the lower magnetic seal offers enough space for dust to cover on the side due to its trapezium-shaped design such that durable functioning of the magnetic door seal is guaranteed.

Temperature conditions

Does the temperature impair the magnetic function?

No, the temperature co-efficient lies almost at zero. The material is made up such that the magnet hardly expands. Extreme cold or heat does not affect the system. As no humidity permeats, the magnets cannot freeze together. The system works wholly satisfactory all around the world - from Alaska to Dubai.


Can the magnetic system be re-used after replacing the flooring

Yes, generally without problems. Furthermore, the magnetic seal can be inserted laterally reversed. Functioning is not affected thereby.

Saving energy

Can energy be saved through installation?

Thanks to the magnetic door seal heating costs are reduced significantly so that installation costs pay off within short time.

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