Door stop rails

Aluminum door stop rails for steel frames with floor recess

Aluminum angle section 38/25/4 mm, as well as 50/25/4 mm
Lengths: RBM 635/760/885/1010/1135/1260/1385/1510/
1635/1760/1885/2010 mm
as well as special lengths cut to length with door notch for all standard steel door frames with adjustable clamping springs, height-adjustable, simple and fast installation by pushing the door frame groove edges.

Type ST I

Door stop rail with integrated silicone seal (sealing profile can be replaced when damaged in inserted condition).
With screed clamping anchor.

Type ST II

Door stop without seal

Clamping spring for door stop
Clamping spring for door stop
Screed clamping anchor
Screed clamping anchor


Aluminum door stop rails for wood frames without screed recess

Typ HT I
Model HT I

Model HT with EPDM seal

With rubber seal made of aluminum 50/25/6 mm
Stock length 6000 mm
Cut to fixed length without surcharge


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