Model ASD with lip and tubular seal

For subsequent sealing:

At the window frame and the balcony or terrace door. The seal support consists of highly flexible plastic (also suitable for round arches). In addition to the sealing effect, a significant reduction of the closing noise is achieved through an integrated and overlapping silicone lip seal.

The plastic profile is equipped with double-sided adhesive tape. Additional mounting facilities by means of nails in the provided nail groove.

Available: white and dark brown, 2.10 m long.

Each packing unit has 5 units including mounting material.

Special advantages:

ASD mit Silikonlippendichtung
ASD with silicone lip seal
ASD mit Silikonschlauchdichtung
ASD with silicone tubular seal

Weather and temperature-resistant silicone seal (-60° to +200°).

Excellent flexibility and resilience in long-term use are distinctive features of this sealing. The seal is designed such that the wind pushes the lip against the window frame and thus optimally seals it. Thereby preventing the penetration of driving rain at the same time.

The seal support is provided with double-sided adhesive tape and therefore easy to install. The UV-resistant material which is also used for window frames consists of impact-resistant PVC and can be painted in color. The silicone seal can easily be removed before painting works and afterwards be inserted without problems.


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