Barrier-free magnetic door seals with screed separation (Sound Stop)

Sound Stop/Plus Model MTK 6 S for door frames with floor recess

Magnetic door seals for steel frames with floor recess with screed separation Model TSE I

(System ALUMAT)

Magnetic door seal flushing with flooring in the surrounding sealing level for soundproof or smoke control doors.

Sound insulation according to DIN 52210, smoke protection according to DIN 18095

Rw 45 dB

Barrier-free No protruding flooring

  • Optimum floor joint sound insulation as well as footfall sound insulation by interrupting the longitudinal sound conduction
  • Expansion compensation for floor heating
  • Easy installation of the aluminum screed separation rail by the composition floor layer by means of the patented clamping device in the door rebate.
  • Constant door length, no re-works, no vulnerable mechanics.
  • The ALUMAT system guarantees durable function and sealing
  • Easy cleaning of the aluminum floor threshold by pulling out the lower magnet profile using a metal device.
  • No traces of soiling and grinding on the textile flooring below the door
  • 20-year warranty on the magnetic force.


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All advantages at a glance

  • Easy installation
  • Barrier-free, no risk of stumbling
  • 20-year warranty on magnetic force
  • No mechanics, no wear
  • Sound insulation according to DIN 52210
  • Smoke protection according to DIN 18095

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