Barrier-free magnetic door seals for internal doors

In private homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, residential homes for the elderly or the disabled - the magnetic seals for internal doors of ALUMAT facilitate barrier-free living and working wherever you like.

You would like to equip an internal door with a magnetic seal of ALUMAT?

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One magnet - many advantages

The magnetic door seals protect against draft air, reduce sound levels and prevent penetration of smoke.

The system is reliable in day-to-day use and maintenance-free for unlimited time. ALUMAT provides a 20-year warranty on the magnetic force.

new or old building: for every door the suitable seal

The magnet door seals for the internal area are simple to install and suitable for different floor mats such as parquet, carpet, linoleum or tiles.

With new buildings the aluminum guide rail for the magnet may be installed directly into the screed and is therefore absolutely flush with the soil. If you would like to install the border later, we recommend the aluminum soil profiles universal, standard or special, which can be integrated into the respective floor covering. Because of the flexible aluminum latches they adapt to every soil situation.

The material of the door does not matter. The magnet counterparts can be attached to wooden, plastic, metal and glass doors.

For easier and noiseless handling when opening the doors, the magnet against profiles under the doors are additionally equipped with damming tires. For examined smoke protective doors with aluminium around ALUMAT magnet seals, the magnet counterpart-profiles without insulation are supplied.

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All advantages at a glance

  • Easy installation
  • Barrier-free, no risk of stumbling
  • 20-year warranty on magnetic force
  • No mechanics, no wear
  • Sound insulation according to DIN 52210
  • Smoke protection according to DIN 18095

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