Barrierefreie Magnet-Türdichtungen von Alumat


Thresholds are not required anymore!

ALUMAT stands for reliable sealing of door passages without threshold and thus sets standards for human beings and buildings. The family-run company ALUMAT with its headquarters in Kaufbeuren as market leader for "zero threshold seals" has proven for more than 33 years that comfortable use, excelling esthetics and security regarding undesired ingress of water do not mutually exclude themselves even for external doors.

Company history

The future-oriented inventions by company founder Harry Frey have an authentic development background. He had a leg injury which led to his stumbling and falling over a threshold. This negative experience caused him to find a solution for the threshold problem. In 1980, Frey - together with his wife - founded the company specializing in sealing for windows and doors. As early as 1988, his first magnetic door seal for barrier-free passage of internal doors could be launched on the market. After this success, Harry Frey took on the development of a sealing solution for barrier-free passage of external doors, a difficult field of engineering regulated by complex building laws. He reached the ambitious goal after only nine years with his magnetic double seal providing absolute security regarding water, air and noise consisting of two magnet profiles and two additional seals. Since 1989, ALUMAT-Frey GmbH has had positive experience and diversified fields of use with completely different types of buildings both new and renovated with the innovative product. As the inventor of the magnetic double seal, Frey is the patent owner and thus the only supplier of this prefabricated, barrier-free door seal.

Bang on trend – Comfort for everyone and stumbling prevention for self-reliant living in old age

With his sophisticated product development, ingenious technology and demanding design, he accomplished convenience for people having different abilities when passing doors by fourfold protection of the building regarding water, wind and cold. Suitable accessibility of internal and external rooms had only been made possible by the magnetic double seal for a considerable target group. For the 16.85 million elderly people over 65 years and the 7.3 million severely disabled people currently living in Germany, the barrier-free threshold constitutes vital health protection.

Welcome to the accessible Hotel

Without barriers you will win new guests, generate more roomnights and increase revenue potentials.

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